Strengths and Opportunities

Point of strength of our company is the vast wealth of experience of all the staff working in various divisions which, being present, personally in the territory, may at any time building relationships directly with companies or potential customers.

In the context of the certifications, ensuring directly the work of the various laboratories for analysis, EQS evaluates those that better than the other offer the quality of service, cost-effective, since among other things take advantage of economic conditions advantageous due to the discounts which EQS has access by virtue of its role as a partner in respect of the Laboratories and Notified Bodies partner.

These factors, combined with the different knowledge of international and Italian partners, allow us to propose a service extremely competitive in its quality/price ratio.

Our constant attention to interpret the needs of the Italian and international customers, added to the institutional support of our local partners, allows us to materialize the ambitions of access to a global market, both on the front of the supply and distribution.

The reason to have a representation in Hong Kong

Thousands of international companies have chosen Hong Kong as a partner for their success in business in China mainland . Whatever your business model, the economic and commercial advantages offered by Hong Kong speak for themselves.

Business Center in the world
  • Asian financial center
  • Experience in international trade
  • Solid and friendly legal system solid

The Hong Kong companies have contributed actively to support the main areas of growth in Asia, with contributions of capital, supplies, logistics services, capacity management and quality assurance systems. The financial sector in Hong Kong, which groups together of almost the three-quarters offices of the 100 largest banks in the world, provides assistance to multinational companies and SMES with who wish to undertake business in China and Asia Pacific.

Experience and commercial infrastructure in China
  • Main foreign investor in China
  • Experts in the management and control of the business risk in China
  • Preferential access to Chinese markets

Almost 45% of foreign investment in the major cities of China, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou – are made by companies in Hong Kong. In southern China’s Pearl River Delta, Hong Kong companies are for almost 25 years the main “engines” of economic growth, with 60,000 and more company employing over 10 million people. For companies with smaller dimensions, the partnership with a company in Hong Kong provides a access easier and faster to markets in the continent thanks to the free trade agreement (CEPA).

Excellent opportunity for the supply, sale and distribution
  • The best international trading fairs in Asia
  • Easy access to production facilities of the Pearl River Delta
  • Success in selling the china markets

Each year, more than 60 international trade fairs attract in Hong Kong hundreds of thousands of exhibitors and buyers from all over the world. The popularity of Hong Kong to the exhibitors of mainland China is a “key” factor of attraction to the international companies. For international companies wishing to find products or explore new markets, Hong Kong is strategic because, ideally located within one of the more rapid growth economic regions of China, the Pearl River Delta. Characterized by a middle class continues to grow, from society in rapid modernisation program and an environment particularly favorable to trade, the region offers to the international companies a convenient and inexpensive door to China.

Free flow of capital and goods
  • Free trade, free markets and free “media”
  • No restrictions on foreign investment
  • No restriction on the movement of capital

The free flow of goods, capital and information of Hong Kong is fundamental for the success in business. Goods entering and leaving in tax exemption, the information on the chinese market are the best available, and the Hong Kong dollar is freely convertible. Almost a quarter of the foreign trade of the People’s Republic of China is managed via Hong Kong.

International Business Communities
  • Solid and friendly institutions
  • Entrepreneurial culture
  • Cosmopolitan life style

With its legal system open and transparent, the economic-trade institutions of world level and the conditions of equal opportunities for the operators, Hong Kong is the ideal choice for all sizes and nationalities businesses who intend operate in this area. English tongue is widely spoken and the most common international business practices are adopted.