About Us

The Company and it’s services

European Quality Standard has been established in Hong Kong as a sole proprietorship in 2004 but is already strong in many years of experience in the field of certification through the specific activities past of all its operators. In 2010, neither are part new members and splits into two companies. One remains in the historical location of Hong Kong (European Quality Standard HK ltd) to work in the international market and one opens up specially in Italy for the internal market. The goal of both companies is to maintain and develop the activities in the areas so far practiced, to expand skills and to create a technical-commercial network efficient and branched to deal with and solve any problem of import/export.

EQS operates as a services company to firms in all those areas where it is required a specific expertise, offering a complete package of consulting:

  1. Certifications, technical and legal consulting, testing and international inspections of any type of product
  2. Market Research of potential customers/suppliers, relationship management and commercial insurance quality
  3. Training Courses
  4. Design and manufacture of machines for testing
  5. Constitution, administrative management, corporate law and accounting companies incorporated in Hong Kong, China (Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou) and Singapore
  6. Certification of management systems according to ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 27001, ISO 22000, SA 8000, D. Lgs 231/01
  7. Certification of environmental impact according to ISO 14001, UNI CEI EN 16001, EQSgreen and ECOLABEL
  8. Safety in the workplace (Italian Dlgs. 81/08) and privacy (Italian Dlgs. 196/03)
  9. Advice and HACCP certifications (self-control food hygiene) and ADR (Accord Dangerous Route)


EQS is Co-founder of Federgiocattoli, associated with the CNA (National Confederation of Craft and Small and Medium-sized Enterprise), associated with Confcommercio and member of QuESTIO as Center of Research and innovation (CRTT).

La Divisione Certificazione

European Quality Standard on behalf of their customers prepares the Technical File to be submitted to the partner that, as a Notified Body, issued on the EC Type Certificate. This procedure takes place in accordance with the Blue Guide issued by the European Commission. The Test Report prepared by EQS are recognized by Notified Bodies partners. Our company is able to meet the demand for those users who require a consulting service serious and efficient, thanks to the degree of preparation and the wealth of experience and knowledge gained from staff in several years of work in their respective fields.
EQS has signed several agreements with as many Notified Bodies in Europe and International Laboratories. The Hong Kong office gives us a privileged access to certification for export toward the eastern market, a service the latter, has already been appreciated by major national and international names. EQS provides the services for the obtainment of “CCC” mark. From 2010 EQS is also agent for the release of UL (Underwrites Laboratories) Certifications for access to the North American market.

La Divisione B2B

A team of experts with many years of presence on the market manages two other areas of advice:
Strategic Consulting
Constitution, administrative management, corporate law and accounting companies incorporated in Hong Kong, China (Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou) and Singapore.

Trading and Agency
Market Research of potential customers/suppliers, managing commercial relations and quality assurance.